IT staff productivity benefits
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AWS allows organizations to shift their IT teams focus away from support and maintenance to more valuable, business-focused projects.

Development teams using AWS see benefits that result in a more agile development environment. This results in the delivery of significantly more features in less time. This greatly increases the value and productivity of these development teams.

The IDC puts the value of these productivity improvements for IT staff using AWS at an annual average of $6.74 million per organization (Larry & Matthew, February 2018).

Before using AWS, organizations incurred huge costs associated with the limitations of legacy infrastructures. These legacy infrastructures left organizations to either over provision its resources or take the time to provision and deploy new IT resources. When an organization over provisions its IT resources it incurs large costs for infrastructure it may never utilize. When an organization goes through the time consuming process of provisioning and then deploying new IT resources, it spends an inordinate amount of resources and money. Clearly these are two, no-win situations.

The IDCs report shows how IT teams using AWS substantially increase their productivity levels. This, in turn, lowers the overall cost of running and supporting equivalent workloads on AWS. The organizations in the study all saw IT teams become more effective and efficient when using AWS (Larry & Matthew, February 2018).

Organizations using AWS saw that IT infrastructure management became 62% more efficient, application management became 43% more efficient, IT support 59% more efficient, database administrators have become 19% more efficient, and application developers have become 25% more productive (Larry & Matthew, February 2018).

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